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To increase the effectivity of your powerplant several heat exchanger solutions are possible. As all these devices function under high temperature and/or high pressure it is possible to complete them with additional options like coatings or to integrate our heat exchangers into your system. Right-sized and tailor made to your specific requirements!

Different types of heat exchangers


  • Preheater 

A heat exchanger which preheats air or water by making use of the waste heat of an engine/power generator


  • Recuperator

A preheater for compressed air by using waste heat from a turbine exhaust


  • Reformer

A catalytic active heat exchanger that transforms hydrocarbons in hydrogen and carbon monoxide by means of waste heat

  • Catalytic afterburner

A heat exchanger which oxidizes depleted fuel and uses the reaction heat to preheat incoming air

  • Evaporator

A heat exchanger which evaporates a pressurized liquid and conditions at higher temperature

  • Humidifier

A heat exchanger which evaporates water and mixes with fuel at high temperature

Options possible


  • Coating


Options that improve metallurgical stability and therefore prolongate the lifetime, for example protective (anti chrome evaporation) coating



  • Integration


For example integration of a mixer into the heat exchanger module, integration of insulation around the heat exchanger module