French combined heat and power sales expected to boost due to EU approval

Combined heat and power plant

Why the EU stimulates the combined heat and power market 

Combined heat and power (CHP) saves at least 10% primary energy compared to units that produce heat and power separately. Under certain conditions, the European Commission grants state aid to member states for high efficiency combined heat and power plants. These conditions are mentioned in the Commission’s 2014 Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 

The EU rules are aimed at

  • meeting the ambitious energy and climate targets for the Single Market
  • at the least possible cost for taxpayers and
  • without distortion of competition in the single market 


This is why the EU supports France

The EU regulations will help France to reach its energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction targets by supporting the deployment of around 7 MW of additional generation capacity  


What support will the French CHP market receive?

High efficiency combined CHP plants with power output up to 1MW will profit from this support. The kind of support depends on the power output

  • Feed-in-premium on top of market price 
    For combined CHP’s up to 1MW
  • Feed-in-tariff 
    For plants up to 300 kilowatt


Source: Decentralized Energy

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(Source: Sören Thomsen / Carlson Rezidor)

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PED is a directive for the design and manufacture of pressure equipment covering pressure vessels, heat exchangers, steam boilers, pipelines, storage tanks, pressure relief devices, valves, regulators and other pressure equipment with an allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bar.